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{Ginice SEah Sing Ne} Currently in Damai SEc. Proud to be in the big family of the canoeist team. Had lots of weird fren that make her life updise down. Manage to see the beautiful world on 160295. Longs for betaryer ad liers to get out of her life... Hate Me? click on the close window button sucker..


Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 27, 2009 at 2:48AM

change of link:) http://hiddenhappiness.onsugar.com/


Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 26, 2009 at 7:01PM

went for science remedial from 8.00 am to 10.30am..i was shocked that i had lesson for like 2 and 1/2 hours and i did not even complain at all

weird sia..i would give up aft a good battle,running away from problem is not my style of doing.those do had hurt my will hurt twice as much as me.

went to eat subway with leanna to talk abt the project work presentation..found i idea at the same time also eat finish already..went to take bus 292

to go home aft that went to expo in daddy car for the popular fair;mummy ate subway too..That side got lots of people quencing up:) brought lots of things

there..books,file etc. went bedok 500plus that side the market eat stingray fish etc and drank sugarcane..did not went mama house as there are now in



Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 25, 2009 at 4:47AM

it would not be the same again.what happen cant be undone but sorry no cure.as you had hurt the person very deeply.no matter what you do,it still cant be

undone.when yingsa cried today,i discovered that i cant put the past where your dont trust me and i found out.i thought your had believe me when i told your

stuff abt jasmine but i was wrong abt it.i find myself very dumb to believe your and my true fren.at the very lat min when our frenship is going to break your still

can play.I AM SO DUMB!! i treat your turthfully but you treat me like a toy when need me then come and find it not dump me aside..why did i talk to they maybe

it had been a habit of doing so..when i talk serious stuff to your ..you like playing and not listening to me.you dont even respect my as a person.how are we

going to continue our frenship..when i ask your how your are still so happy you reply that your act one.so our 1 and a half year of frenship is just a dream and

i think that it is time for me to wake up!! this odd number group is seriously not a good idea.长痛不如短痛 maybe my leaving the group i can dont worry abt

such problem agaim..the distance between each of us had go further and further maybe due to people changin and so do environment..or maybe i wan to

 escaped from all this problem that why i wan to leave..i will not forget those who dont trust me and betray me to suck up to that BITCH!!!


Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 24, 2009 at 6:26AM

  she are such a trouble maker it is like everywhere you go there will be trouble.maybe she really should disappear on this earth.cant you like dont cause trouble.i find you very cunning to me you are worst then a slut you only know how to use your looks to attract people.you never once display yr trueself.that is not the real you you just make fake things to put on you.dont use yr sis or zh to roll yr skirt to damm short and apply make up you only reasons i can think of is you wan to attract guys.dont say to boost yor confidence as it is all crap. if you continue this way,you wont get any true friend.people friendship break due to you this bitch.dont you feel guilty at all or you dont have a heart from the start.dont think ppl will not know abt yr past..once they discovered it and know the fact that, that is not the real you..they will eventually leave you..dont even think abt ppl forgivness as i dont think that could forget the harm you had brought to them..there is still a chance for you to change now.. do it or you will regret.. note to some one: if you still dont believe me,i cant force you to do it but at the end of the day you are the one that would be hurt:) past few day had been boring,but jasmine had cause lots of problem,she ran away the problem by not coming to school that is so dumb


Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 22, 2009 at 5:17AM

went swimming yesterday morning and then wen to my grandma house after having my lunch at some market..ate mee siam. That side the food quite nice..

after that went home do chinese compo but end up doing halfway only..went clementi wood park to eat sakura..WOW! that side two storey sia.got lots of food

to eat sia..but very crowded got lots of people then. then the stupid part is those who stand at the front is the one that had make reservation LAWL:) ate for

like from 6pm-8pm..then damm full sia.. stupid sia today 4 plus my sis wake me up then i cant sleep already thanks yo her sia..


Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 20, 2009 at 6:13AM

WTH..very freaky tonight.went to mummy friend house then step inside sudden got 3 dogs appear..very scary then one of the dog bite rachel..

she cry like so damm freaky loud sia..then she just came back from the 24 hour clinic..the cost it is like $66.WTh so expensive sia!!!

now think abt it still quite scary..lesson learn when you see a dog.go far fra away:)


Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 20, 2009 at 5:36AM

  went to the mational museum today. that picture can sort of describle my mood for today.

went there again as there is open house for today and i stay at home nothing to do.So, mum suggested to go there during the noon time.

End up both me and my sis went there again but some of the gallary did not managed to see but this time i saw like the whole musenm sort of.

Trued out is most interesting then i saw it last time..a bit weird right? today is hari raya..wish everyone have a happy holiday even you

are staying at home.




Posted By tormentedfeeling on Sep 19, 2009 at 3:09AM

When subway for lunch today at kallang stadium that side..it is like so empty there only two people at the counter...

then the whole mall quite empty..there got some crapy celebration..then stay there for a while to do stuff then went back home..

but the weird part is daddy went lunch with us...it is like so rare for him to be free on sat..

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